Bitter (Single 2014)


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Recorded/Mixed and Mastered @ House of Gain Studio with Maxime Lacroix in Roxton Pond, QC


Good god I think I did it again,
I traded my morals for false comfort

I've been high as the highest heights and saw the deepest low, sleepless nights and so it seems that all the things I thought would save me turned out to be the end of me

So what's the point or purpose of heading in this direction
Nothing makes sense to me anymore, nothing makes sense

I'm throught waiting on the world to change
because I know that things will always stay the same

I've lost everything just trying to separate myself from the things that were holding me back

I'll never hope for the best
I'll never pray for rain
You'll never see me on my knees
I'm just hoping that things work themselves out in the end
'Cause I just can't keep on living this way
I've let myself down for far too long
I take the blame for my own misery

I take the blame for my own misery
I tied the noose, I kicked my own chair


released July 14, 2014
Music & Lyrics by COMPASS


tags: punk Canada


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COMPASS is a melodic/hardcore band from Montreal that was formed back in 2014.

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